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108 Facts About Sanskrit You Didn’t Know

The ancient heritage of India has come down to us through the medium of Sanskrit. Almost all our languages owe their being—directly or indirectly—to Sanskrit. There is a tremendous amount of literature in Sanskrit for us to enjoy. Sanskrit, as the earliest of the classical languages, has contributed immensely not only to other classical languages but also to current languages. Sanskrit is also the oldest language in the world, with attested literature stretching back to 6,000 years ago, and with a continuous tradition of use up to now. All this makes Sanskrit the bearer of Indian culture and truly our mother tongue. This book is an attempt to bring to Indians and others the great treasure that is Sanskrit. It gives readers an overall idea of what the Sanskrit language is; how ancient the language is; its contributions to the world; the origins of the language and how it is related to the other languages of the world; how it evolved into the currently spoken Indian languages and still continues to be India’s lingua franca; the great amount of literature available in the language; how to analyze and appreciate the language; and finally, how, we, in the modern era, can reclaim the language for ourselves.

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The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility

This book is primarily intended for leaders who are looking to take their organisations on the Agile Transformation journey and managers who will drive this transformation. It will alert them to what they can look forward to and what they need to look out for on this journey. The book is also intended for change agents (coaches and consultants) who help organisations progress on the transformation. The book will add to their experience set that will help them advise their clients in the best possible way.

The objective of this book is to help these people address the concerns of organizations as they try to reap benefits of moving to Agile; to bring to the intended readers the wealth of experience and wisdom about Agile and its implementation that coaches at PM Power have built up over the years.

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The First Aryan

A series of murders have taken place in Parsupur, the capital city of Parsuvarta. Kasyapa and Agastya, two students training to become priests, are asked by their guru to investigate the deaths. Around the same time, there is great turmoil brewing in the city-a palace coup and a battle for supremacy between the traditional Indra worshipers and the new sect of Varuna followers.
It is an age when Vedic gods are worshiped, religious sacrifices are performed regularly, commerce flourishes and kings are guided by their loyal head priests. But beneath this façade of order lie prejudices and political rivalries, jealousy and power games. This is why the murders, which at first seem to be unconnected, soon lead in the same direction. It is now up to Kasyapa and Agastya to find out the common thread and identify the killer.
The First Aryan is a one-of-its-kind murder mystery set in the Vedic times.

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Software Project Health

An epic is retold. The actors are familiar but the roles are different. Arjuna is a Program Manager responsible for delivering a set of projects to enhance the defence of the city of Hastinapura; Krishna his coach and mentor.

Arjuna and Krishna with a focus on means and not just the ends, together evolve a project health framework for effective delivery, assurance of outcomes and robust products. The end result is a comprehensive set of project Vital Signs and their manifestations and a 360-degree assessment approach – a framework for early warning to address the not-uncommon syndrome of projects being “in the pink of health till yesterday but in ICU today”.  

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Book published

108 Facts about Sanskrit you didn’t know has been published My book, 108 Facts about Sanskrit you didn’t know, has been published. Click here to get details of the book and on how to buy the book.